Thursday, November 08, 2007

Grease me up, lassie!

Didn't believe me when I said I worked hard before go-live? WELL, I worked so hard, work gave me a voucher to spend at Mayfair Spa :) So 4:55pm today, I was packed up and out the security door! I thought I chose an aromatherapy salt glow therapy wrap, but I kept on getting asked what sort of detox wrap I wanted *Shrug* A wrap is a wrap, and I've never had a wrap before so it didn't really matter that much.

I tried out the sauna, and for the first time in over a month, I felt warm. A little too warm. My nose hairs were burning everytime I breathed in so I had to leave :P

The therapist hands me a pair of disposable undies.
Me: "Errr, this is going to sound really stupid, but, which side goes infront?"
Therapist: "I believe the big side goes infront."
(Which when you think about it, doesn't make sense. Look at your own undies, the big side is for your big backside!)

Getting wrapped itself was interesting. A body scrub/massage is always good. Except... suddenly, a woman is sensually rubbing her hands all over my chest! It's not much of a chest, but it's still mine! I try hard not to smirk or giggle as I imagine what I can tell my guy friends about this experience *lol* OMG! Awkward? A little, yes. Especially when it's chilly in the room and I was cutting some serious glass :P

'Nuff said.

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Secretary said...

Try G-Strings...big side definitely in the front...LOL...

From a guy who had his first wrap early in the was a clay wrap and laughed through the entire experince as I am extremely tickleish...;P