Wednesday, November 07, 2007


It's hard being anti-facebook. It's almost like friends pressuring you to take that first cigarette. I stood my ground, I really didn't want to join it. Now that I have, I'm kinda not impressed with myself :P The usual conversations around the table use to be:
"Facebook is great. You should join it! You'll love it!"

But why?

"Because everyone's on it. I've caught up with so many people since I've joined."

But I'm already in touch with those I want to be in touch with.

"People from primary/high school are getting in touch with me."

Primary school was a blur. I hated high school. With the exception of a few close friends I still keep in touch with, it really doesn't bother me to be contacted by randoms.

AdF was always right in describing me as a hater :) And I wish I knew earlier that I wasn't the only one standing against facebook. It would've been easier to deal with. It's funny, you'd think I had social leprosy for refusing to join facebook for so long. Even funnier, the ones that gave me the hardest time about joining, are still the ones that give me the hardest time now that I _have_ joined. The ones that never tried to coax me are the happiest to see me there. Actually, when I think about my past a little bit more, I shouldn't be surprised.

There's another part of facebook I don't like. It's too open. Everyone sees. Everyone can put things up about you. Now I'm worried friends are going to see the worst pictures of me, or read the worst things about me. Now I'm worried about my employers finding me on facebook. Do I have things to hide? Do you want _your_ employer to know what you get up to after work hours?

So why did I join? Two reasons: pictures of my niece are posted up on facebook, and LT told me to. For some reason I always end up following LT's advice. Ukrainians always give good advice, right? :)

I was also drunk from a night out with a Pole :P

If you really want to know why I think facebook is cool, it's because of the technology behind it. It gets about 100,000 new users per day. The interface is admittedly pretty snazzy. The main killer is that it's meant to be really easy to build and share facebook applications between users. Facebook has potential for viral marketing your product. But of course, nobody tells you these things when you ask them "Why join?"

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Anonymous said...

I'm still ignoring all the emails from people trying to get me to join.