Sunday, July 27, 2008

Promises promises (Hvar Part i)

Daliborus: "We're going to the island where the rich people go for hookers and cocaine."
Me: "OOOooh!"
Delivered: Island where fat nekid Germans go to sunbathe *lol*

The bay itself was amazing :) The view.... Let's just say I'm really glad I have bad eyesight. Nothing worse than gazing out onto the most beautiful clear blue waters, when suddenly a nudie beer-bellied, DANGLY, foreigner wanders into view! I averted my eyes, only to cop an eyeful of an extremely large nudie Grandma reclining on a deckchair. Not the usual perky standard of boobies I'm used to :P

Ah yes, the pebbles :) Luckily I'm used to European beaches by now.

All I can say is, don't get off at the first stop the water taxi takes you to!! *lol*

(No, I didn't take all my clothes off :P)

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