Thursday, July 03, 2008

Frisbee Date

Date outfit: Black and red pinstripe skirt, black turtleneck & boots
(I'm at least trying to dress like a ninja :P)
Date location: Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese
(the hangout of Dr Samuel Johnson - author of the dictionary :) )
Date start time: Approx 7pm

Frisbee Date is so called because he plays Ultimate Frisbee :) See how clever I can be with names? *grin*

So where did I leave off? Aaah yes, the pint of PIMMS. PIMMS is extremely deceptive. Tastes all innocent and refreshing. It's actually quite lethal. Which is why, I almost broke my neck walking down the many steps into the sub-levels of the pub in my killer heels. I embarrassingly missed a few (big) steps a couple of times, which got me a few jibes from Frisbee Date throughout the night.

On to the good stuff, how did the date go? It was good :) I had a great time *grin* The pub's pretty cool, probably more a place to visit with a group of friends than a date, but still nice. We had a lot to talk about, and the flow of conversation never really stopped :) The night ended with him walking me all the way to St Paul's tube, and me accosting a random Romanian on the street to settle a bet between us. I lost 2p.

To be honest, I think I'd forgotten what it was like to be with a guy and just have a really good time hanging out. So, for me, that was worth losing the 2p ;)

What next? I don't know. Frisbee Date is a fun guy, and not bad looking either (Bonus: He looked like his profile pix) *big grin* Let's wait and see *grin*

Spark: Yup, tick!
Date end time: 11:15pm

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Anonymous said...

any more dates misse? :)