Sunday, July 13, 2008

2pm: Tent practise!

This year, B and I are heading to Nature One in Hahn, and camping out for the weekend! Which is really cool, but we were a bit worried about our wildlife survival skillz. So today we walked over to Regent's Park for TENT PRACTISE! *deeer-deeeer-deeeeerhn* It being a fine chilly day in Rondon with some sunshine and all, the park was packed :P So we had to wander around a bit to find a secluded spot where nobody would laugh at us or kick us out *grin*

Opening ze tent:

Now, I'm pretty good at following IKEA instructions. These instructions though were totally craphouse!

"Coloured tabs?!? What coloured tabs? Everything's green!"
"Eh? Guyholes? What? What do they look like?"
"Which is the inner tent? What's the flysheet?!?"

Yes yes, we were complete n00bs. I'd been camping before, but the tents were usually up by the time I got to the campsite *grin*

Getting there... we finally figured out the whole pole to pin thing:

VOILA! Ze erected tent! With porch even!

Not bad for a couple of n00bies eh? :) Boys & Girls, if you're reading this and you want to try out a festival with us, this is the time to do it. I doubt we'd be doing much more camping or festivalling after this :P


Anonymous said...

ha! now you know what it feels like when I have to operate myself around a computer and learn about RSS's :P

Well done! looks like a solid tent - make sure you put the pegs in well, and that the fly is OFF the tent wall (use those guyropes!) - otherwise if it gets wet from rain etc, the tent will get wet.


Sarah said...

Purchase a pop up one my love. They take about 15 seconds to erect and are just as easy to fold away. Leave plenty of twilight drinking time :-)