Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another movie list!

Top 50 Dystopian Movies of All Time!

Wa-hey!! Time to start queueing up some torrents :) Surprisingly, I've already watched the #1 on the list: Metropolis (1927). It was recommended to me by another film buff. It's a silent movie ahead of its time. Sadly, I kept falling asleep and only made it halfway before I gave up. Yes. I know. Short attention span :P

At #2 is A Clockwork Orange! WHICH, btw, I am going to get to see on the BIG SCREEN in a couple of weeks :D After that, I'm just waiting for the day The Shining gets a chance on the big screen again... *fingers crossed*

For all those Blade Runner fans, good news for you.


Dalibor said...

you need to know serbian (well, cockney/serbian) for clockwork orange ...

reenie said...

I do? When do they speak Serbian? What if I know Croatian? Dobroh! ;)

Dalibor said...

people who bothered to read the book told me that gang members have used words from different languages (most of them look to be slavic - serbian/croatian in particular). eg.
droog => drug => commrade/friend
mesto => place
britva => sharp knife/razor
Bog => God

Dalibor said...

another fact about the movie is that car featured in it is a real car - it's called adams probe. it's roofline is only 70cm of the ground