Thursday, April 17, 2008


I had to deal with a well-known international recruitment agency today. When I first arrived in Rondon, this agency was the first I had contacted to help me with finding a job. So, for 2 years my resume has been in their databases, and only now they're requesting a meeting. Ok, I'll go along with it... I need the interview practice. It felt wrong from the moment I stepped through their doors. I left after 20 mins and felt like my time had been wasted on a couple of amateurs.

Before I left for the meeting with said agency, I checked the confirmation email, and realised the agent's asked for me to bring along my passport, 2 referee details and my original degree. Wtf? Is this guy kidding me? I ignore the request and head in, hoping to blag my way past it.

The office foyer is immense and meant to impress. Size really doesn't impress me anymore ;) What made me think, "Oh no," was the sight of blue clipboards neatly arrayed out in rows on the reception bench.

Receptionist: "Are you here to register?"
Me: "I'm not sure, I'm here for a meeting."
Receptionist: *Points to clipboards* "Take one of those."

I skim over the form: Personal Details, Referee Details, Financial Status, Criminal Record... I didn't bother filling it out while I waited for the person I was meeting.

I'm greeted by two... boys. I now understand the importance of first impressions and looking sharp. I can't believe I'm being tag-teamed for this meeting. Let's call one Good Cop, and the other Bad Cop. They escort me to a meeting room. Things don't start off well, Bad Cop launches into a spiel on a totally wrong topic. Good Cop apologises to me, tells me to forget anything Bad Cop has just said. Riiiiight...

We then spend the next 15 mins discussing the bl00dy form and why I refuse to fill it out.
Me: "I don't want my personal information such as my passport and my contacts stored on your databases. I only give it upon request by the employer."
Bad Cop: "What are you scared of?"
Me: "You using my contacts for purposes other than references."
Bad Cop: "But our company has a reputation to keep with our clients. We wouldn't go behind your back. In return for representing you, we require commitment from you."
Me: "If you have a job spec, show it to me. If an employer requires my referees, then I can give you that information within 10 mins."
Bad Cop: "What if we can't contact you? What if your mobile's not working? Or what if you don't have access to email?"

Me thinking: "What are you, a dick?"

Me: "I can email the details to you tomorrow, once I've checked with my referees that it's ok."
Bad Cop: "Haven't you had that discussion with them already?"
Me: "Yes, that discussion was under different circumstances. You're storing their information for no reason."
Bad Cop: "We need you to fill out everything on that form today."

You know what? To be honest, I fought more for this than I had to. I knew my referees wouldn't care. However, I was not going to be bullied into giving away private information to a couple of twats.

Me: "Look, you're not going to get the details for my referees today."
Bad Cop: "Then we can't register you."
Me: "I don't need to be registered with your company."

With that, the meeting ended. I have very little respect for recruitment agents. I've no respect for this agency at all. These two were twats. Instead of trying to sell me what was so great about doing business with their agency, they'd rather shove the form under my nose and make me fill it out. For what reason? They didn't call me in for a meeting regarding any particular roles. I didn't even realise until I got there that I was going for "registration".

Fck that shit.

Maybe I'm getting a little arrogant these days when it comes to j.o.b hunting. However, I don't believe filling in a form and handing over my degree is going to make me anymore qualified for a job. That's what my resume is for. I would've done it if there was a role they were going to put me forward for, but the twats had NOTHING.


Anonymous said...

Email me the name of this recruitment company? Cos the exact same thing happened to me a couple of years ago. I was so angry. More pissed off that I came all the way into the city from cambridge for no reason than to 'register.' It was such a SHAM! And I hated myself cos i was more naive back then, more desperate to get my cv on their databases. So i gave in, and gave them my personal details.

For all the contracts I have gotten, I have never met my agent til after I had the job.

I distrust all agents in general.


Beckster said...