Thursday, April 03, 2008

Kinkiness & memory loss

I never thought I'd ever get to experience getting whipped by one of my best mates. I was hot, steamy and sweaty in my bikini... *SLAP* *SLAP* *SLAP* B gets into action with a bunch of birch branches ;D

Oooh yeah, she whipped me real good.

Apparently it's good for exfoliating :P All part of the Russian banya experience. First the sauna, then the dousing in cold water, then back to the sauna, followed by some birch whipping, and then a quick roll in the SNOW. Option b) is the frozen lake behind the sauna. However, since the lake was green and frozen, I decided to stick with rolling in the snow. Did I mention it's meant to be Spring in Russia?!? Look how much snow there was in Pskov:

It finally happened - alcomahol induced memory loss. I use to scoff at people who claimed to have blackouts and no memory of the night before. How was that possible? It never happened to me... Until I spent a night in Pskov with nothing better to do than drink some fine Russian Standard vodka :P The guide exclaimed, "Who wants a Russian shot?!?"

Me! Me! Me!

Russian shots, are 100ml o_O After conferring with Oleg on my return, he confirms it, "This is a standard drink. 50ml for ladies and 200ml is a working class man drink".

Aiyah... I remember drinking. I remember getting back to my cabin. Blankety blank. I'm suddenly in bed. Sometime during the night I drag myself to the toilet and throw up. Me thinking, "Red? Why's it all red? Oooh, it's from the grapes I ate". I stumble back to bed.

I wake up the next morning and start getting dressed.
Hang on, how did I get into my jammies last night? Where the hell are my jeans? How did they get onto the bathroom hook? I start packing my stuff up. Eh, there's Nurofen out on the floor.

My drunken auto-pilot is so good, I dug out my jammies, got changed, hung my jeans over the radiator to dry off the snow and, took some Nurofen to counter the forecasted hangover :) Even though I don't remember doing any of it, I still totally r0x0r!

Think I'll stop mouthing off to people with alcomahol induced memory loss from now on :P


millimilli said...

Impressive auto-pilot.

My bro's woken up with no recollection of soaking his puke-covered shirt in a bucket of water before passing out with a bottle of water and an empty bucket next to his bed.

Dalibor said...

your auto-pilot forgot to blog ... : )

reenie said...

Milli - Haha, but have YOU done anything disgraceful and gone on auto-pilot? :)

Daliborus - Trust me, if I had a computer and internet at Pskov, I would've blogged ;)