Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good Cop

Remember the twats with the blue clipboards? Good Cop actually called me today. I was a bit confused at first when he announced his name. Hrm? He sounds familiar. Is he one of the recruiters who's suppose to get back in touch with me about a role? I did a quick check on my emails. Nope... Then it clicked.

Aaaah, it's the twat from Michael Page! Yup, I'm going to name and shame em. I would have left things well alone if that twat hadn't called me up today.

He was patronising as hell - "You got an interview in the Finance sector? Congratulations!"

Errr, ok. Yay for me. He fired off endless questions, "How are you? What have you been up to?
Have you been in any interviews? Have you found anything? When do you start? What rate did you get?" He was obviously fishing for information.

I bristled and snapped back, "Look, I'm not registered with your company, why did you call me?" Good Cop was a bit surprised, and replied with, "It's all part of the service we provide, rah rah rah".

"Service?" Wtf? Does he not remember the meeting ending because I refused to fill out that stupid form? Exactly what service did he provide besides wasting my time? If he hadn't hung up on me, I would've launched into a rant about it *grin*

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