Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy anniversary

Yesterday was the day I arrived in Rondon 2 years ago. Has it really been 2 years already? So much has happened. Some good, some bad, some lessons learnt the hard way. How did I celebrate this momentous occasion? By leaving Rondon and flying to Amsterdam *lol* Yesterday was also Armin Only day!!! Yaaaay!!! :D

I'd bought tix to this event ages ago, and after lots of umm'ing and ahh'ing, finally decided to book my flights and go. So off I jetted to the Netherlands to spend 10 hours with my fave DJ. I left Rondon at 6pm, and was at the venue in Utrecht by 9pm - and that's with a one hour time difference. Not bad for international clubbing.

However, Armin did that annoying hide-behind-the-screen thing AGAIN! For 3 hours!! It could've been anyone throwing on CDs for those 3 hours :P

I did love the night though :) Armin totally rocked it.

I've also figured out the trick to maintaining personal space at the front row - dance in stiletto heels. In an attempt to be a liiiiittle taller amongst the Dutch giants, I wore my boots. Anyone who came near me at the wrong time was likely to get a hole stomped into their foot by my spikey heels :P However, it also meant that by the 7th hour of dancing, my feet were killing and I had to exit the front row. That's when I realised, holy shit, it's not easy fighting my way from the front through 16,000 frenetically dancing people. It took me awhile. Good thing about the venue was that there were flat screens everywhere, and the sound system was great. Because I was upfront for most of the night, I didn't really get to see the full effects of the show until I watched it on the flatscreens.
It was amazing, the crowd was just constantly heaving and the lights were awesome. I'm getting the DVD just to see if I'm in it *lol*

This time, I was also prepared for the stupid Dutch "no water bottles" scam. I had to smuggle in an empty water bottle :P Which meant I could refill my bottle from the toilet taps, as oppose to spending 3 euros for a cup of water each time I felt thirsty. Besides that, how is one suppose to dance on a crowded dancefloor with a cup?!? Bastards! Don't even get me started on their token system. I totally dig their locker system though. They had enough lockers for 16,000 people and for 5 euros, I could unburden my coat and massive handbag for the night.

I really can't wait till the next Armin Only :) More pix here. To my Sydnery party crew, I missed you!! Looks like you guys had a big night at SH's housewarming anyway ;)

Happy anniversary to me...

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