Thursday, April 03, 2008


Traveling in Russia is a lot harder than I thought it would be. It has something to do with my crappy Cyrillic skillz :P

C is really S
Λ is really L
π is really P
H is really N
P is really R
You try figuring out which train to jump on based on Cyrillic station names! :)

What did I love most about Moscow? Hrm, St Basil's Cathedral. Standing infront of St Basil's made me realise, "OMG, I'm finally really in RUSSIA". It's the most iconic symbol of Russia to me. How many times have I seen it only in magazines, pictures and on TV? Here I am, standing in front of it IRL on a dreary, snowy, slushy day :)

Here's my escalator series of the posse mucking around at the Moscow metro stations.

Can you believe the Moscow metro is actually kickass when it comes to running efficiently? There's a train every couple of mins. Sydnery could really learn something from Moscow's rapid train system :P

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Dalibor said...

and B is V and X is H