Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rick Astley

Ok, I'm not ashamed of liking Rick Astley. It brings back a lot of fond memories for me. My eldest brother use to be such a fan when we were kids. I grew up knowing all the lyrics and watching my brother copy Rick's side sway dance moves :) We use to go on family road trip holidays every year, and Rick Astley, WHAM! (we'd always start the drive with this one!), Kylie, a-ha, Frankie goes to Hollywood would always be blaring out of the car stereo. My poor parents, they endured it for the endless hours it took for us to get to Penang or Singapore :)

Rick Astley isn't just a one-hit wonder either. Other classics are:
* Whenever You Need Somebody ("... I'll bring my love to you...")
* Don't Say Goodbye ("... Don't make me cry girl, you're my girl!")
* She Wants to Dance with Me ("... Cause I'll hold her so tight next to me...")
* Ain't Too Proud To Beg ("... sweet darling! Please don't leave me, girl don't you go...")
* It Would Take A Strong Strong Man ("... My heart starts breaking...")

I'm glad there's a Rick Astley revival going on ;)


Mike said...

How come you can't see my picture? You should see little Guybrush hanging from a rope :(

reenie said...

Fixed :)

Mike said...


Guybrush is never gonna let you down either