Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What changes

I'm sitting here introspecting. Its T -1hr 15mins to Frisbee Date. This time though, I've learnt my lesson. DRINK :P So I'm sipping on my pint of PIMMS and lemonade watching Wimbledon on the big screen :) It's nice! I use to wonder how my parents did it. Sit infront of the TV all night and watch tennis. I use to looooathe Wimbledon. Maybe it's about who you're with instead of what you're doing.

Oops, I just

Hang on, go Murray (he left home at 15 to pursue tennis)!! Brilliant net shot! Park bursts into spontaneous applause!!

...I just flicked a spider harshly off my boot. That's not going to be good karma for me.

o_O message from Frisbee Date. Directions on where to meet. Sh*t! Am I late?!?

Rah, bad karma!

As I was saying, I think I've mellowed :p maybe watching TV ain't so bad after all. As long as there is a giant screen and alcohol involved...

No, I'm not pissed on a pint of PIMMS :P

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