Thursday, July 10, 2008

*Pant* *pant*

Ok, I know I use to brag about being up on level 35. I was only a little bit miffed when I returned this year and got told I was relocating to level 34. That's ok, at least the cafeteria is on the same level and I had wi-fi access. At least I could tap away on my iPhone and chat to my Mum.

This week, I was bumped all the way to level 14!!!! BAH. It's a little crampier, I've lost my wi-fi and I'm officially off the high-rise and in the LOW-RISE part of the building. LOW-RISE. My access card doesn't even work on level 14. My machine is the biggest piece of crap ever. It feels like I've been demoted :P Since my pass doesn't work, I can't catch the express lift to 15 and walk down one level. I won't be able to let myself out of the fire escape without pass access. So I have to wait through every humdrum stop till I reach 14.

Today, I started to feel nauseous as I scampered like a monkey up and down the building. Up via 2 lifts to level 40 for my lunch break at the new cafe:
Cafe's giant screen was handy during Wimbledon :)

View from the cafe:

Down via 2 lifts to my desk on 14. Back up to level 34 for a meeting. Back down to 14 because I forgot my phone. Back up to 34 for another meeting. This time I thought I'd walk. Purely because my boss joked about it. I was fine... for about 5 levels. That's when I started panting and realised, "Sh*t. Can't get out of fire escape until the next transfer level on 25..." Another 6 levels later, I was ready to pass out on the stairs :P

Video conferencing rooms at the new cafe calculate the carbon offset saved instead of flying to meetings:

By next week, I'm hoping to make the 20 level walk, no sweat *grin*

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