Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I attend a wedding these days, I end up in bed with a girl. Twice it's been B! :) Congratulations (again ;) ) Mr and Mrs Toal! I've never been fed so much food at a wedding in my life *grin* Wedding breakfast? Followed by endless buffet? I'm surprised I didn't explode out of my dress!! "What's a wedding breakfast?" I hear you ask. WELL, according to wikipedia:

"While not normally a morning meal, the name apparently arises from the tradition that the bride and bridegroom would have been fasting before the wedding, and so the reception would be the time when they would break their fast. Another theory on the origin of the term is that the wedding breakfast is the first meal of a couple's married life, just as breakfast is the first meal of the day."

Thank you so much for making me a part of it *hugs*

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Secretary said...

Who where you talking to inthe photo? Why are you looking up and not at the camera :P

As for the blumpkin...YUCK...
Enough said...

BTW disappointed you are supporting Murray in Wimbledon….whats next…the English soccer team…

PS not sure if this is related but to leave a comment the Verification word was "mxfakun" is that bad? I'll send you the screen shot