Sunday, July 27, 2008


It's not a cup size, it's the D-brothers! :)

Me: "Dejan, look happy!!!"
Dejan: "This _is_ me happy!"
Daliborus: "Yup, that's him happy."

5pm Tuesday, I turned on my Out of Office message and hurried out the door. 2:30am Wednesday, I woke up and got dressed. At 3am, I hopped into a cab for Victoria station. 4am, I was at Gatwick airport. 6am, I was on a plane to Croatia. 9:50am, I was eating an apple strudel and having a coffee at Split airport. Warmth... Blue sea scenery... Bliss... At 1pm, the D-brothers arrived to pick me up and we were ON OUR WAY!!! :D To be honest, I fell asleep a lot of the way *grin* However, everytime I woke up, we seemed to have lost our way and were on some windy narrow road. Best I stayed asleep for those moments :)

Dejan pre-coffee:

For 4.5 days, I was an Honorary D-brother :) Loved every minute of it *grin*

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