Thursday, October 30, 2008

Arty farty Bruxelles

To be honest, I was surprised. This was my second time to Brussels, and I had expected the same experience as the first - a weekend of mussels and Leffe brune. Not so much chocolate, cause I wasn't with any chocoholics ;) So let's get the mussels and Leffe out of the way first.

Empty pots!

I have to say, that Brussels is now one of my top cities, just cause it was soo much fun walking around finding murals of my childhood memories :)

Asterix anyone? Goscinny & Uderzo!

Asterix is amazing. Really entertaining stories for the youngen, but I only learnt to appreciate the characters when I was older. There's:
:: Asterix: A footnote, symbolised by *. The STAR of the comic! Eh? Eh?
:: Obelix: A menhir (obelisk) deliverer by profession. Not allowed to have any potion since he fell into the potion cauldron as a baby, hence his strength.
:: Dogmatix: The doggy sidekick.
:: Getafix: The druid which deals out the magic potion *grin*
:: Unhygienix: *lol* My fave, he's the fishmonger :)
:: Cacofonix: The bard that always ends up gagged under the tree at the end of the story.
:: Vitalstatistix: The chief of the clan!

How could you not love a comic book filled with character puns? :) For more character info, here's the wiki.
Here's Tintin, the Captain and Snowy!

Here's Lucky Luke:

(I don't actually remember reading Lucky Luke comix,
but I must've because the drawings are so familiar)

Here's B carrying a brick *lol*

The only mural we missed, was the Smurfs :( I'm sure it's there somewhere. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Smurfs even :) So next time you're in Brussels, eat your mussels, drink your Leffe, then do the mural walking tour!


Mike said...

It's funny how different people react to different places.

I really don't like the place. I've been there many times and find it quite soul-less with all of the diplomats and high brow MEPS dotted around the place.

Mind you I was there with work, so it could be colouring my judgement a bit ;)

PS The beer is good!

reenie said...

Well, I can't imagine spending more than a weekend in Brussels. There's only so much mussels and Leffe brune I can eat and drink! Don't think I'll be going back for a third visit, can't imagine what I'd do there now.

Anonymous said...

i love tin tin - love love love!! :)


reenie said...

I use to read the Tintin comix, and spent my afternoons after school watching the Tintin cartoons :D

mushiejc said...

oh i love asterix!!

'i'm not fat i've just got big bones'

tee hee hee!!

there is an asterix parc in france but we didn't get a chance to go there :(

reenie said...

Considering how much time you've actually spent in France, I'm really surprised!!