Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ministry of Shit

I'm sorry, but this remaining "superclub" in Rondon was ass. I'm fact, I invite you to my ass. You'll have a better time. It'll be a lot friendlier that's a guarantee. WTF. It felt like half a step up from Home in Sydnery. I think I'm going to stick to festivals from now on.

Above & Beyond, sorry, I love you but I hated your Ministry audience. As evidenced by the number of random shouts of, "I hate you!" and, "You're annoying!" coming from me at the end of the night :P

Still, thanks to my crew for the effort :) Applause to CH for getting me drunk enough to care less.


Mike said...

Erm...that's an interesting invite you've made ;)

reenie said...

Sorry Mike, you can't take up the invitation, you're MARRIED now :P

And yeah, I shouldn't blog when I'm drunk...