Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Remember my citation ticket? The one I was smacked down with in August? *Exactly* a month ago, after loads of googling and various emails back and forth, I finally got a number to speak to a human bean from Conta Costra Courts. Yeah, exactly - Conta-whatta? Not so easy to track down where my El Cerrito citation ends up.

The human bean told me that there was a backlog, I wasn't in the system yet, call back in a month. This was in September.

TODAY, with my court date being 7 days away, I started to get a little anxious. So I called back again. Guess what?

Dylan: "I'm sorry, but you're still not in the system."
Me: "What?!? But my court date's on the 28th!"
Dylan: "Don't worry, this happens to everyone. Everyone calls up about this. We've just got a lot of paperwork."
Me: "Am I going to get thrown into jail by Customs the next time I enter the US?"
Dylan: "Yes, we're going to lock you up straight away!"

We both burst out laughing over the phone. I tell the guy the citation's for jaywalking.

Dylan: "I bet you, you were crossing infront of the BART station."
Me: "OMG! YES! I *knew* that cop was waiting for me!!!"
Dylan: "Don't worry, just call us back in a month. I hope it's not this bad in the UK."
Me: "You know what? We don't get citations for jaywalking in the UK!"

Bastard coppa! I *knew* it!!!

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