Thursday, October 23, 2008

Girly talk around the cooler

Today, I made the mistake of getting involved in a girly chat with err... girls :P The green-eyed monster came out, as I listened to the girls regale each other with stories about their "bastard" Exes. The ones who bought them everything they wanted when they were dating. It started when one girl couldn't decide what to do with gold and diamond earrings a bastard Ex had given her. From there it developed...

One girl took the bastard Ex back to the shop and insisted he exchange his lousy gift with something she wanted that was a few hundy squids more expensive. Diamonds are a girl's best friend - Bling bling!

One girl insisted her bf buy her an entire set of jewellery, as it wasn't often she came across a bracelet which fit her petite wrist. And, "No, that's not part of my Christmas present, don't you try that game on me", she said as her head waggled with *attitude*.

One girl just points out what she wants and says, "Yes, get it for me". Hence, she has no qualms about keeping the gifts from bastard Exes.

Another girl just donates her designer handbag gifts from bastard Exes to family members.

When it's my turn for a story, I quip up with, "Wow, I should stop dating homeless guys" *lol*

These guys weren't bastards, they were just stupid :P

There is no way I can write this entry without sounding... bitter? *grin* But, I'm assuming you want to hear it anyway, right? ;) To me, it's not about the price tag. I've always been able to afford anything I've wanted. I will admit though, having never had it from any guy I've dated, I would looove to be spoilt and gifted with luxury items. Just once... I imagine myself whisked to a fancy boutique hotel for an all-planned, all-inclusive, pampering weekend away, somewhere romantic!

I love that dream bubble.

To me, it's about the One who loves me most, knowing me best. So it use to suck heaps when the guy I use to love most, never got it right. Do you know how hard it is to smile and think, "It's the thought that counts", when deep inside you feel your soul crushing because he got it soooo wrong? To the point I wished he would stop buying me gifts for my birthday or whatever because it was just a reminder of how little he knew me...

Anyways, it's funny, cause when I think about it now, after the relationship ended, there was nothing of value I could throw away. Jewellery? Nada. Clothes? Nope. Anything designer? *twiddle thumbs* Doo do doo dooo. As if!! :) On the other hand, I'd like to see him burn that AUD$800 pair of Evisu jeans I got him :P His ass doesn't deserve designer.

There's a side of me that just wants to slap the girls for being soo thoughtless and manipulative.

Then there's the other side of me, which says, "Hey, they're the ones that have got it right". They get what they want. There's nothing wrong with that. It just makes me sad that there are stupid rich guys out there and I haven't dated any of them *lol*

For the record, I'm a great gift giver ;)

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