Friday, October 17, 2008

Little fcker

*That* is the one that made me gasp, "HOLY JESUS CHRIST!" when it came out:

That's my pinkie next to it for comparison.

You know what happens when you're in a family of medical people? You get scare tactics when you ask for advice.

Nurse Mum: "I hope you are using proper antibiotic cream, buy hydrogen peroxide dilute it and soak... Well if it gets infected you are in big trouble."

Dr Liew: "I told you to get it looked at. You need to make sure it does not get infected. It can be nasty! End up with an amputated leg – hobbling around a party with an artificial leg is a real bummer. Imagine all the dances you have to give up!"

I started to think that turning up at my 30th birthday party with a missing right toe to show (or not show) for as an achievement would be pretty lame (Get it? Lame? Har har!). So after applying a mysterious brown icky goo gel I bought from an Italian pharmacy, I took a hot bath and decided to have another go at splinter hunting last night.

Imagine my surprise when I suddenly found my right toe skin as pliable as hell! Tweezing and needling became a breeze! I even manage to squirt a splinter out without any needle assistance! I dang well freaked myself out though, "EEEYYYAAAAH!" Things that nasty definitely don't belong in the human body. So by 2am I was rid of em :)

If you ever need sea urchin spines removed, come to me baby. I have the goods. Echinoid gel (turpentine, ichthammol), hydrogen peroxide, cotton buds, needles and tweezers :)

If you're wondering about the icky echinoid goo, the main ingredient ichthammol "prevents the process by which skin cells become hard, thickened and scaly due to the deposition of the protein keratin within them (keratinisation)"...
w00t w00t!

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