Thursday, October 02, 2008

Just like that

Someone today asked me how the project I was working on was going. Before I could stop myself, I puffed out my cheeks, and did sound effects along the lines of, "KA-BOOOOMPH!"

I even did hand gestures to try to get this imagery across:

(Can you see something else in this pic? :) )

In the short space of 2 weeks - 10 working days - everything went from on track to "wtf is the point now?". One person in India fcked up. He didn't bother to tell anyone about the fck up in those 10 days. I think he was scared. In fact, I still don't know how he fcked up! An already aggressive deadline has been pushed out.

So now, what I've been working on since August, looks likely to be canned *sigh*

It's been a funny day. Is my ass on the line? Yes. Even though I've been taking a backseat on this project. Do I care? Yes. Cause I'm not able to deliver. That frustrates the hell out of me. 2 months of effort about to go down the drain. Can I still laugh about it? Sure. Cause, it's soooo typical of working in a big company. *Especially* in Rondon.

There's a lot of finger pointing. There's no hands up and taking responsibility. There's just one person in India saying, "Someone moved teams and I'm new at doing their job" - when it's 10 days too late to do anything about it.


Kev said...

The joys of outsourcing.

reenie said...

Would you believe, outsourcing to a branch of the SAME global company?!? *sigh*