Friday, October 10, 2008

fb friend

You're facebook friends with who?!? Whaddya mean I'm still your "bestest facebook friend"? How can that be when you're friends with _him_? Not that I hold a grudge *grin*, but do you know what he's done to me? Stabbed me in the heart he did! That bit I'm over. The bit I'm not, is when he assumed THREE YEARS LATER that the knife was still rusting away in there!! The fatheadedness of it all!


I'll at least reserve the three year mourning period for the heart-of-my-life, thank you very much. Butt Specialist, you better friend-me more than you friend-him :P

I am being hypocritical. For some reason I've always struck up friendships with one particular friend's exes. To my friend's credit though, the break-ups always seemed amicable ;) Well that's my excuse. I'd like to think I'd rip a hole in the guy if he had stabbed her heart too. At the very least, I'm not fb friends with any of them :P

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Dalibor said...

don't know ... i can't speak for that "butt-specialist" friend of yours (even tho i feel like i have a lot in common with him/her) ... but i don't think this facialbook friendship is all that serious ... for example i have added everyone who requested to my facialbook ...

i'm sure that him/her adores you as a real friend ...
also, you can always add his/her ex into your facialbook ; )