Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Only me

Out in the ripply aqua waters of Sardinia, I paddled (that's _doggy_ style btw) out for a splash. Thinking I was being cool, I paddled a few metres away from the others to a nearby rock ledge.

"HEY, look at me, I can stand over here... OW!"

A small wave splashes and forces me to step forward.
Me: "***OW OW OW!!!***"

I push off the ledge and examine my throbbing right foot under the crystal waters while trying not to drown.
I have a GAZILLION splinter-like fiends stuck DEEP in my right toe!!!

Bloody sea urchins! >:( Evillest of creatures!!

Later on, with improvised surgery equipment made up of cottonballs, expired hydrogen peroxide, hot water, two pairs of eyebrow tweezers and a needle from the hotel's sewing kit, we begin the extraction process. I start with the splinter which juts out the most. I dig with the needle. Dig and dig and dig.

I grit my teeth.

With one hand I use tweezers to pull back skin away from the splinter. With the other hand I use the needle to push down skin on the opposite side of the splinter - exposing its ugly brown head.

Me: "B, can you try and pull it out please?"

B uses the second pair of tweezers to grip the splinter head and *YANKS*

I feel a sting and a gush of blood, like a bunghole had been unplugged in my toe.
I let out a sigh. The first of many that night, as T, B and I take turns digging into my toe. Each splinter that successfully comes out, no matter how small it is, is a reminder of how something stupid like this could only happen to me on holidays.

Diskies tries to cheer me up, "It could've been worse, at least you didn't sit on it and have it all in your bum!"

I picture T&B joyfully excavating my bum cheeks with needle and tweezers. Now THAT would've been a bonding holiday experience none of us would ever forget :P Grazie Bellas for looking after me :) Sorry for being the holiday retardo!

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Anonymous said...

OW!!!! sea urchins are horrible things - you're a tough cookie for bearing those splinters!! make sure you keep check on your foot - no infection! xx ystar