Thursday, March 05, 2009

6 degrees

As in, that's what the max temp in Rondon was today (my iPhone told me so ;) ). It was cold enough for me to berate myself for leaving the puffy jacket behind and heading out in only a hoody. Sun might be out, but it definitely isn't warm. So the recession's got to be pretty bad if skanks are selling themselves for a squid in this weather:
(That's "Kisses for a quid" on the bucket)

Zoo is a lads mag. Kinda like FHM in Oz. Only more blatant. The opposition (or Ralph equivalent), is a mag called Nuts. I kid you not. I'm not going to link to them.

I was going to write up a bit on skank culture here, but... I'm too lazy and it just gets infuriating thinking about how women here can be so... uneducated! Girls who go topless in magazines and newspapers here are called "glamour" models. Worst use of the word "glamour" ever... Thank you Jordan for setting such a fine example on how to make money out of giant breasts :P

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