Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm not an artist

It started out easy enough. I had an idea. I was going to base the design on Melody, one of my fave characters from childhood:

However, whilst I was trying to paint in the nose, I made a giant gold splotch right where the tiny petite nose should've been. Aaah shit...
So I decided to give it a gold face mask :P

Unfortunately, I've also managed to smudge gold ink right in the middle of its face. Lucky I have a white ink marker as well :P I also didn't realise I had such butterfingers. I kept dropping its head everywhere and smudging all over the place. Never give me white products.

With the shiny purple arms and pink hair, its looking a bit... odd. Not so much like Melody anymore :P Wondering if I should give it shiny purple undies as well. I don't have many other colours to play with. Just black and silver.

My other problem? Deciding how to finish off the hair without making it look like its got a receding hairline :P

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