Saturday, March 21, 2009


Do I look Lambo in this? :)

I know, crap picture, but that's all this blog is going to get :P


Dalibor said...

you look HOT in everything!!!

i don't know what you're on about ... it looks very nice ...

rarara said...

No armpit vag that I saw. I agree with Dalibor, whoever was wearing the dress in the mirror looks hot. I'd date you!

millimilli said...

I'm with Dalibor and Rarara, you look hot and your armpit did not resemble another body part.

I'd date a girl who wore that dress!

reenie said...

It's a pity none of you are either:
* Eligible
* Hot guys (no Daliborus, I don't mean you. You're in the category above *grin*)