Friday, March 27, 2009

Time me

Babsy: "Who wants to do this with me? its only 5km which should take about 30minutes!"

So I try running 5km at the gym. Here's my progress:

12 March 33:46
19 March 32:25
24 March 32:03
26 March 31:48

I run and I run and I run...

I hate running. I envy the dF's for their long legs. They could model lingerie for a living. You too, JH! My short stumpy lil pork-hams-for-legs just can't pump fast enough on the treadmill.

30 mins? My big fatass! :) In fact, at the rate I run, it is simply mathematically impossibubble for me to run 5km in 30mins:
9.5km/hour = 0.15833km/min
30mins = 4.7499km!

*puff* *puff* *pant* *pant*... At the 28-29min mark, I up it to 10.5 and sprint. It doesn't help :P

I think my alternate me in a parallel universe (who's also a lingerie model *grin*) has better chances at this game :)


Sarah said...

You could be a part time model... but you'd probably still have to keep your normal job... part time model...

Anonymous said...

I still cant do it but I'm improving and so are you!!!
When I was running on wednesday, I didnt get a stitch the entire time, I was so proud of myself. 2 days later, my calf muscles are still aching. ;p

Small steps Reenie!! :)