Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's been awhile

The weather in Rondon has picked up brilliantly :) Couple of weekends ago, I took out my Salomon blades and went round Hyde Park. I've had these blades for about... 10 years!!! I love em. I remember the days of roller hockey (where I used Missy W as my stop mechanism ;) ), and blading around Centennial Park before/after uni lectures with the gang. I remember all the guys wanting a chance to teach WL how to blade *lol*

I still haven't figured out how to stop *grin*
(Meanwhile, if you look closely at the blader behind me, she's going sideways!)

I really hope this weather sticks around...


rarara said...

I was a dang good stop mechanism. Probably because I was curled up in a heap on the floor!
Woman, I see blue skies, but you're wearing a singlet top?!

Wicky said...

wow, what's happening in London? Is this inside? Why is there sun?

Anyway, there are a couple of ways to stop, but the most common one it to hit the brakes... This sounds trivial, doesn't it. Don't your blades have a black block of rubber on the back? If they don't, get one, if they do, that's your brake!