Friday, March 20, 2009

View from a different window

I've been procrastinating about Iceland, just because I don't know which photos to post up. It's soo hard to choose. I'm just glad I went when it was still cold enough for snow. I don't think the landscape would've been as stunning without it :) The whole time it felt like a photography field trip, with stops in our lil Toyota Yaris (nicknamed Hooter), along the roadside just to capture what would've been the most mundane field anywhere else in the world, looking beautiful in Iceland.

So here's a mix of views from me and my travelling companion. Got to say, it's bl00dy hard competing with someone who has a wide-angle lens SLR...

My first memorable photo stop, was when we noticed snow drifting across the roads and flat plains. It seriously reminded me of nitrogen pouring from a flask in a highschool science experiment:

You think being navigator is easy? Not with roadsigns like these:

Grass never looked prettier than this before :)

If you look closely, I'm trying to do the "Old Shadow Nose Picking Trick" *grin*:

Gullfoss was amazing. I hadn't expected this at all. Almost worth being swept off the ice by the freaking freezing wind to see this force of nature:

Furry icelandic pony:

My most creative shot :)

His view of the road:

My view of the road:

Ze Blue Lagoon!

And remember, you can DRINK BEER while doggy-paddling in the Blue Lagoon. It makes the whole experience a lot more fun :P Nobody told me that!

All my Iceland pix are up on flickr.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics

reenie said...

That's because I'm *awesome* ;)