Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cinque Terre (Parte una)

Gawd dang fcking Rick Steeves. Until Cinque Terre, I didn't realise how huge an impact he had on North Americans. I've heard his name in the past, from Canadians, from Americans - all vouching for his greatness as a travel writer.

So. You know It's All Gone Pete Tong when tables of American college brats decamp around you. You'll hear "Rick Steeves" mentioned a fair bit. Out of spite, I'm not linking to him and I'm spelling his name wrong :P Rest assured, it's not just Americans. There are tons of loud, annoying Aussies around too. Bizarrely, both nations outnumber the Italianos.

Personally, I loved Cinque Terre for the walk between towns :) It made me want to get outdoors more! I also went wild with the carbs, vino, birra, pastries and machiattos *grin* I'd go back to try out the tougher walking or bike trails.

Spot the B & Diskies ;)

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