Thursday, April 09, 2009

Away from keyboard

It's difficult telling people I'm unemployed atm. It's not because I'm ashamed of it, far from it - I'm revelling in this quality me-time :) If anything, I almost feel guilty admitting to people that I haven't made any attempts to look for a new job yet.

I'm hesitant to tell people because their responses are soo negative and depressing. Yes, I understand their concern. There is a recession on atm, and it's not a good time to be out of a job, even if it's one I dislike. On the other hand, people tend to forget I'm not saddled with a mortgage or babies :P My biggest concern is to meet rent each month.

Only _two_ people I've spoken to about my situation have been truly supportive.
Daliborus said to me, "
you only live once ... may as well do whatever you want ... (as long as you can afford it)".
Lizzie said to me, "You're doing the right thing for you".
Those words are priceless to me in the sea of negativity I've faced.

So, I took stock of what was in my bank account, and the fun times actually began awhile ago :)
:: I partied with B, Niffies and Armin @ Trance Energy.
:: I went on a spontaneous photography roadtrip to Reykjavik.
:: I snored next to Diskies at the Budapest Spring Festival *grin*
:: I just got back from a week of boozing with B, AdF and PdF in Chamonix.
:: I'm off to Cinque Terre with the girls this Easter weekend.
:: I'm cycling through Havana at the end of April.
:: I'm in the process of organising a learn-to-surf and yoga break in Algarve in May.
:: I'm ending the holidaying with a weekend in Ibiza for the Space Opening.

I guess the credit-crunching question is, "Would I have done things differently if the economy was better?"

To be honest, if the economy was better, I probably would've left my job at The Corporation and started this path about a month sooner. I'm so unsure about a lot in my life, but the one thing I can honestly say I'm passionate about - is travelling. I look back and since I was 22, I've always had a new destination to explore every year.

What happens after May? I don't know. However, the best lesson I've learnt in life about facing the unknown was when I was in the wilds of Borneo with Stuey.

Things always work out one way or another. Always.

My advice to those who say to me, "I want to quit my job BUT..." or, "I wish I could do what you're doing BUT..." is, well frankly, what are you waiting for? Don't be stupid about it, but let's start making plans for what you want. My regret this time round is that I'm admittedly bad at organising when it comes to my own life, and wasted a couple of weeks because poor planning :)

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Sarah said...

I hear you babe. I told my boss that i'm leaving work at the end of May and visiting the US for a month. It's the most free i've felt for a long time :)