Friday, April 17, 2009


Me: "SS, can I ask you something?"
SS: "Sure, what is it honey?"
Me: "What is your perfect man?"
SS: "I've met him honey. Tall, dark hair, blue eyes..."
... later on ...
SS: "Just so you know, there's no such thing as a perfect man. You have to be happy with what you have."
Me: *whisper* "What if the guy's bad in bed?"
Me: *lol*

Sorry guys, 100% of my survey results so far have indicated that you have to be good in bed to keep a girl *grin*


SparklesMagoo said... mean it's not enough to be funny, sensitive, good looking, relatively fit, into music/theatre/art, be somewhat house-trained, have decent career propects, not a commitment-phobe and not dance like an epileptic goat?

C'mon...isn't the list of man requirements getting a little long and ridiculous?

I don't mean this blog specifically, but just in general what men are told on an almost-daily basis as what women are looking for in a man...

At some point doesn't it just become about I'd like to meet someone who likes/loves me as much as I like/love them (and treats me nicely)?

reenie said...

Sparkles Magoo! You still read my blog *beam*

But... I'm funny, sensitive, good looking, relatively fit, into music/theatre/art, somewhat house-trained, have decent career prospects, not a commitment-phobe and don't dance like an epileptic goat *grin*

I also play video games (apart from Guitar Hero due to trauma caused by an Ex), fix leaky kitchen taps, talk about b00bies, and *grunt* in a manly way.

Is it too much to ask for my mate to at least be an equal? ;)

SparklesMagoo said...


With life skills like that, I fail to see what any fella could add to your life...except perhaps co-ordinate nicely with new handbag/shoes/belt?

reenie said...

*lol* You're obviously someone who's never met me.

Sure, I'd love to meet a guy who owns a matching Macpac and Onitsuka Tigers to me :P

What could any fella add to my life? Balls *grin* To do stuff with me. All I needed to say about that was said here.