Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How do you know? (deel drie)

With a twist -

How do you know that you're not gay? *grin*

It might seem like an odd question but... How can you be sure, if you've never really tried?

For one person I spoke to, she never realised she was gay until another gay friend mentioned the idea to her. She then went to a bookstore and read up on it. After that, then she thought, "Oh, maybe I _am_ gay".

Is it about physical attraction?
I love looking at fit guys *grin*
I love looking at fit girls too *bigger grin* I saw the dance instructor at my gym today, and couldn't help thinking, "She's freaking hot!"

Is it about mental connectivity?
I do get along with guys better than girls, however, only because girls can be more superficial sometimes. It just depends on how deep the friendship goes, and that's regardless of gender. Guys probably just cut through all the crap faster.

Is it about intimacy?
Kissed boys. Kissed girls (made them cry ;) ). No differences there.

So. That just leaves - my short haircut :P It's still confusing though, cause right now, I'm growing it out *grin*

Let me know if you've figured it out for yourself.

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rarara said...

Can't say I know first hand, but I have a close friend who was curious a few years back and experiemented, apparently she experienced all these wild emotions that she never had for guys. After a few physcos and stalkers, she's happily settled in with another hot chick, it's been about 18 months and I've never seen her in a more serious relationship!