Tuesday, April 21, 2009

40 days later

I've finally broken the 30 min barrier for 5km :) It was driving me nuts, the previous three times I'd been running, my times were 30:10, 31:something and 30:05 *aaargh* I never thought I'd cut those last few seconds off!!!

Today, I did it in 29:57 (^_^) W00t W00t!

My next challenge? Well, CH stomped on my triumphant run by telling me he runs 4km in 16mins. Which works out to be running at a pace of 15km/hr? *ugh* Dang people with long legs.

I'll be happy if I can run a kilometer in 4 mins. This might take longer than 40 days to achieve... At least I'll look good in people's wedding photos this year *grin*


Ed Stephens said...

I only ever manage about 6 min kms for the marathon on a good day so I also have long leg envy. Great work on breaking the 30 min mark though.

reenie said...

Erm, Ed, you're running MA.RA.THONS :) What I do is barely a *fifth* of what you do. You're out of my league!

W00b w00b w00b w00b! :)

Wicky said...

Try running 5km with a tail wind!

reenie said...

Haha, am I suppose to rope myself to the back of your Mazda, Wicky? ;)