Monday, April 20, 2009

Gender wars

Ok, so I've probably laid it on a bit thick with the male ego-bashing lately. To the point where M-San offered to buy me a toy *grin* So, I apologise for that. Part of it comes from the frustration of wrong guys hitting on me (a 22 year old about to be divorced? Come on!). Part of it comes from not having many guys friends in Rondon to keep me grounded when it comes to all topics masculine.

Anyways, I spent this afternoon in a falafel shop pondering whether Sparkles Magoo was right in saying the list I've been writing up (with tongue-in-cheek) was getting long and ridicurous.

None of the things I've listed are particularly gender specific. It's not about what women want, or what men want. What does anyone want in an ideal partner?

:: Who doesn't look for a partner who's funny and sensitive with an all-round great personality? To what degree just depends on the person, and it's all subjective. Whether you're a guy or girl, I doubt you'd pine for someone who bored you to death and couldn't challenge you mentally. For me, it's all about spark. No spark, no chance. I think this ties in with looks. If you're not attracted to someone, you're not going to look at them as anything more than a friend.

:: Decent career prospects - Well, at this moment in time, all I ask for is someone who is financially self-sufficient and can afford to do the things we both want to do. Have you ever dated someone who's in debt or broke all the time? I have. It sux0rz having to pay for things all the time.

:: Commitment-phobe - Why waste time with someone who's not serious about you? I'm not sure how old Sparkles is, but I'm 30. I don't want to waste another 3+ years to find out my partner isn't serious about our future, and then have to start from scratch again.

:: Dancing like an epileptic goat - You know, I don't actually remember making a request for a partner who can dance :) I just like giggling at guys who flail their arms around like lawnmowers and turkeys in clubs *grin*

:: Good s3x0r - I thought about this, and I don't really know why I'm being made to feel bad about wanting good booty. Especially by a guy! Especially since guys have also told me that being good in bed counts! The rough breakdown on this survey (and keep in mind, most of my surveys are conducted under the influence of alcohol *grin*) is:
- 99% of girls and 50% of guys questioned have said, "Yes, good sex is necessary".
- The other girly 1% is my 65 year old aunt who said "It's not all about sex, there's masturbation too" *grin* I'm pretty sure some kittens died when she said that.
- The other 50% of guys said, "I'll take what I can get" *grin*

S3x0r, good or bad, is necessary. I choose to have good booty, just like approximately 74.5% of the sample population ;) I'm young(ish)! I'm fit! I'm still able to enjoy good booty! Why settle for bad booty now?!?

I haven't made any requests for giant diamond rings and luxury goods. All I've asked for, is a guy to at least match what I can offer.

:: "At some point doesn't it just become about I'd like to meet someone who likes/loves me as much as I like/love them (and treats me nicely)?"

I don't know. Do you think love is enough? Will you discount everything else because you're in love? How much can you forgive just because you're in love?

I once thought love would be enough, but I don't anymore. All is not black and white in my world :)

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