Saturday, April 04, 2009

Is there a problem?

2nd April, sometime during the night: I set my alarm for 6:40am the next day. I'm getting picked up from the Chamonix apartment around 7:10am. I sleep fitfully. I remember waking up and unplugging my iPhone from the charger, for no reason, at 00:59. I wake again around 3am. I wake again at 06:3-bl00dy-9 *sigh* I turn my alarm off before it begins its irritating Xylophone ring.

3rd April
10:30: Plane should've left Geneva by now. Find out my flight is delayed because of President Obama leaving from Stansted airport. It's the first time I boo Obama :P
14:00: Back in Rondon. I have to deal with retards who walk into my unwieldy snowboard bag as I make my way from Baker Street, home. Unbelievable. What sort of idiot walks right into a big black bag that's jutting out at least half a metre infront of me?!? Go ahead, hurt yourself, I don't care.
15:00: At a loss at what to do without B and the dFs to hang out with for the first time in a week :(
16:30: So I head to the gym :P
17:27: I ran 4km in 25mins. Yup, still sux0rz at running.
19:00: Meet AA for dinner at Waterloo. Have a chuckle over the week's gossip.
21:20: OMG... In the 2.9 years I've been in Rondon, I have _never_ visited Waxy O'Connor's on Rupert Street before! I went tonight for a farewell bash. It is a *broiling* hotbed of activity. Geezus! My hand flies up to my strapless top for security whilst I feel a gazillion eyes on me. Whilst my adorable potbelly grows, my b00bies seem to have shrunken enough to provide insufficient support to hold up my top properly. Fark! This place is huge, and packed. I make friends with the bouncer just to get directions. It takes me a good 20mins to find my friends. Just how broiling is this place? As I leave, my hair gets ruffled by a cute guy who looks 25 :D And I also get called, "DAARLING, HANG ON, DAAARLING!" by a 50-something year old :(
23:30 I'm home.
23:35 I realise Above & Beyond and Lange are playing at MoS. I've been meaning to check out Lange for ages.
00:20 I'm at the club. I get in after tight passport scrutiny by two burly bouncers. They're convinced I'm a pothead after noticing all my trips to Amsterdam.
Me: "There's good... coffee in Amsterdam!" *grin*
Bouncer: "Haha, yeah, the "beans" there smell really good hey?"

Tequila shots with bartender

01:00 Above & Beyond!!!
01:36 My ass is pinched by a freaking kid who tries the old "blame my friend" trick.
01:36:10 I move in to slap the kid's face and he dodges backwards.

01:36:15 I grab his balls and squeeze really hard, "Don't fcking pinch girls' asses". He squeals like a little girl :P
01:58 I lean against a wall and realise I'm surrounded by couples. Feel like I'm at a 6th grade disco :P
02:00 Some guy says something to me, I shakes my head. He bends down to put down his bottle at my feet, and I let out a timely discreet fart *grin*
02:38 Apple sour shots with the bartender.
04:00 Above & Beyond finish a decent set. Lange starts. Lange is better on guestmixes than live. He's bassy and hard, but just doesn't quite get there...
04:30 I leave the club.
05:00 I'm home and eating instant noodles.
06:16 I'm blogging.

What sleeping problem?!? :P

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