Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What hurts more

... than me running at the gym? Watching grown men in Wrestlemania on my treadmill *grin*

To be honest, it makes me sprint for a little longer to think, "That's gotta hurt more than what I'm feeling" when I see this:

(Actual snapshot of my treadmill screen.
*Wow* Treadmills have improved since my uni days!)

I know it looks more painful than it is. I know it's all acting. A part of me is actually sad that the quality just ain't as good as back in the days of Hulk Hogan (gimmick: dousing self in milk before match), Andre the Giant (*perfect* for Fezzik when you think about it), King Kong Bundy (famously broke HH's ribs by sitting on him), Ricky Steamboat (never quite recovered from Randy Savage's blow to the throat) and the Killer Bees tagteam (they use to swap masks under the ring to cheat)! OOOOH, I even remember Mr T entering the ring and whirling a length of chain in a fit of anger at King Kong Bundy for hurting HH!!!

Those were the days when I believed it was all real. Those were the days when I sat next to my Dad and ate roasted peanuts while we watched all the drama unfold on our TV :)

Clicky here for a HH vs KKB match :)


Dalibor said...

are you saying that wrestling is not real???
i think you are talking about boxing, cricket and horse racing - those are all setup ...

reenie said...

*grin* Quite possibly, but those don't matter because I don't watch them ;)