Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My NEW handbag!

35L, water-resistant, grey and...

... hecho en Nu-Zeelund! Loves the detail *swoon*

Bought it yesterday :) Wonder if Sparkles took me seriously *grin* Really, I'd love nothing better than to meet a guy who goes well with my Macpac ;)

Here's some of the crap that I have to stuff in it (BYO helmet!). I have 24 hours to pack. My aunt is staying over tomorrow!!

Here's what my hideous padded lycra bicycle pants look like when turned inside out. Yes. It is a giant red rocket :P

1 comment:

SparklesMagoo said...

So, now you're suggesting that all men should be able to fit into a 35L bag. Emasculator!

Have a great trip...