Saturday, September 29, 2007


Missing my Mum :(

Strangely, she's the one reason I would consider going back to Sydnery for at the moment. 29 days sure seem to have went by pretty fast.
"That's not my ice-cream..."

"... it's Mum's!"
(says Dad as he steals a bit :) )


Anonymous said...

What!! You won't come back to Sydney for us... snif... I am falling in depression.

cu, anonymous

reenie said...

Depends... Do I get my own room in your new 4 BR house? ;)

Anonymous said...

[ dave shuffles out of the darkness ... nervously shifting his weight from foot to foot, he summons the courage to post a comment ... ]

i second that (hey, what about MEEE?)

oh .. hang on ... i'll be in germany

but you didn't know that!

when will you be back in oz again, anyways? xmas maybe?? x

reenie said...

Dg, you haven't told me what you're doing in Germany!