Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tuy Lei Loh Mo

"Wow you really have an overblown sense of Asian insecurity. Maybe you'll get over it once you've gotten through puberty."

I personally don't get it. Cheap shot I say. And a cowardly one at that. No name, no contact, most likely a total random stranger. Friends would normally drop me a personal email, or at least put their name down.

Here I am, writing my thoughts. Putting myself out there. To gawd knows how many people. The thing that gets me is, YOU, know who I am. You've seen my pictures, you've read my entries, you've linked through to here via a mutual friend's blog. Rah rah rah. I've bumped into readers at a wedding before. So it really irritates me when I get comments like the above. Unjustified. Venomous. Faceless.

Am I insecure about being Oriental?

*shrug* Define insecurity. Do I claim the Oriental race is better than any other? No. Can I use an Oriental squat toilet? Sure can, I grew up with one. Am I embarrassed about ordering dim sum in my bad Oriental-speak? Not if it gets me my chicken feet (fong jaow!), spare ribs (pai-kuat!) and turnip cake (lo-bak-koh!). Do I find Oriental guys attractive? Strangely, no. That's probably not a big surprise to my friends. I don't know why, I'm just not attracted to Oriental guys. Closest I got was to an Eurasian, but that quickly turned to dislike when I realised he was a dick. Am I good at Physics? No, I almost failed.
Do I like being Oriental? I don't know what it's like _not_ to be Oriental. I don't hate it, and I've never pretended to be anything else. Have I ever been bullied for being Oriental? I went to highschool in a distinctively white neighbourhood. What do you think?

Do I appreciate RnB? I did, but then I got through puberty :P (Thanks M ;))

A lot of the stuff I write, is personal. I'm talking about my experiences. My parents. My family. My friends. My travels. My life. Did I take a shot at the entire Oriental community? Not that I'm aware of.

*shrug* What exactly am I insecure about?

I _do_ have a small Oriental penis (it's called a clit) if you feel like empathising about insecurities :P

Number of times the word "Oriental" blatantly appears in this post: 12! *grin*


Beckster said...

What a fcktard. Love the title of your post. Take it as a compliment that due to your oriental skin and oriental build and happy-go-lucky oriental thinking - you look young enough to be carded forever at bars.

I believe that whatever colour you are, even if we live to be a hundred parents will always have a way of crawling under your skin. Nothing to do with race. That's blood talking and it's red for everyone.

PS. God bless RnB and cute oriental boys with spikey hair!

Kev said...

haha, I just read this. Now I know where you email comment to me came from :)