Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Guess how much?

I hate having cravings. Especially expensive ones. Guess how much these 6 teeny weeny pieces of salmon and tuna sashimi set me back:

YUP. 10+ squids. I couldn't help but convert to Aussie dollars. That's about AU$25. For AU$25, I could have a fcking feast at Makoto sushi train in Sydnery with my cuz. It'd be a lot better too. Don't get me wrong, Japan Centre's Toku restaurant is great. It's as close as I'm going to get to decent Jap without going one level up to fine dining. Only, it's so dang expensive for what you get. I also ordered Umeshu (5 squids for 50ml!) and green tea ice-cream (stingy 1 scoop given only). Total of bill would've been about 20 squids IF I didn't have some discount card stamps with me. I still ended up paying about 12 squids. Dang it. It really bothers me. I don't understand why good Japanese is so hard to find here. Gawd I miss Ichi-ban Boshi. MMmm, unagi zara... *lustful sigh*


JK said...

Ms SL, I totally understand how you feel! I am been having crappy sushi from Wasabi and Yo!Sushi to curb my sushi cravings!

I really miss my time in Japan and Sydney!

JK said...

I am having sushi and sashimi for lunch now.

It's all your fault!

btw, today's selection is actually not too bad. For £6, I have 2 slides of tuna, 2 slides of salmon (rather fatty), 1 salmon sushi, 1 tuna sushi, 1 unagi sushi, 1 sweet shrimps sushi, a bit of seaweed salad and lettuce. I've added another sushi just to make sure that I am full. All together, it's £6.75