Monday, September 17, 2007

Lip smacky noises

I fcking hate it. That *smoooch* *smoooch*, wet lip smacky noise. Lately, I'm surrounded by it. It's early morning and packed in the tube. I have nowhere to turn, and there's a couple making out infront of me. I feel like throwing up. On them *UGH* I'm on the Eurostar, I'm stuck infront of a couple making out, my Shuffle is out of battery *BLEAGH* I'm in line at a restaurant, guess what? Yup, there's a Parisian couple making those noises again. It doesn't sound any better when French people do it :P

People. Try to keep your lip smacky noises down! I don't know what it is about the sounds, but it's so nauseating. I'm tired. It's a lot of physical exertion on my part to restrain my eyeballs from rolling back into my skull.

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