Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Homer moment

It's been a tough couple of weeks at w.o.r.k. I get in early (enough to get a seat on the tube). I leave late(r than usual). My daily diet now consists of a double machiatto, a premium apple muffin, a "skinny milky tea" (it's what Engrish girls order), and if I'm really desperate before I get home for dinner - a vending machine snack.

I was reaaaally desperate yesterday. Then this happened:

The vending machine starts beeping at me, and I let loose an internal scream, *RRRRAAAARGH*... and start pounding on the glass. Give. Me. My. CHIPPIES.

Then I realise where I am, so I sheepishly stop, make a new selection and walk away hoping nobody saw.



Anonymous said...


you got to eat more!!! my gawd!! id be fainting on that ration (says me as i stuff my face with cheezels) :P & i wouldve kicked the sh*t outta that vending machine! i hate getting jipped! hehe

reenie said...

No time :( Don't worry, my parents are making sure I'm well fed when I get home :) I think I've managed to put on weight since they've arrived :P

Cassie said...

I was in the airport with Andrew yesterday when I saw a vending machine and told him about your story....it made him smile even tho I know you weren't smiling when it happened :o)