Sunday, September 16, 2007


Remember how I mentioned caucasians cringe at orientals eating chicken feet? WELL, I was cringing whilst watching the Frenchies buy this at Marché Bastille:

I always thought it was just a zombie delicacy *grin*

It's hilarious hanging out with my parents in an European city. Especially with my Dad. He has a way of finding the Malaysian/oriental equivalent for whatever he sees. So paella, becomes nasi lemak, and churros becomes yau ja gwai! *lol* I thought it was going to be difficult finding food for my Dad to eat in Paris. Luckily, there's a great Viet area around Place d'Italie, Avenue d'Ivry and Avenue Choisy. That's a tip for any other orientals taking their strictly "oriental food only" folks to Paris :P

Grand bowls of Pho *MmmM*

Thanks Ms K, for pointing me in Le Bambou's direction :) It was packed and we had to wait awhile, and the restaurant manager was laughing at us cause we couldn't speak Viet or French, but it was also dang good Pho :) Just how good is this restaurant? Well, it makes the owner rich enough to be able to afford lots of jade bling. I'm talking BIG jade bling. Doesn't come cheap.

The next challenge, is trying to find food my Dad will eat in Rome next weekend. That's going to be trickier.

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