Sunday, September 09, 2007

Speakers' corner

Dad: "I was going to speak at Speakers' Corner, but there was a looong queue. Didn't have time to wait because I had to meet you."
Me: "That's ok Dad, I'll book you a slot for next weekend."

It was quite a surprise when we got out of high tea around 6pm, and Speakers' Corner at Hyde Park was still going strong. I've always wanted to hear the ranters :) Public speaking is not my best ability. In fact, I had to do a presentation last week to a whole bunch of HR people. I swear, I could hear crickets scratching at the end of it :P So I was impressed to see such a large crowd gather to hear what a total random stranger had to say.

That is... until I realised, I couldn't understand a word of what was being said :P Strangely, the ones drawing a crowd were speaking in Arabic. I asked someone for a translation, and was told, "This man is from Egypt. He is saying, Egypt is the best country. Better than all the other Arabic countries". Hrm. Fairly mundane topic, but I guess that would explain why there were a lot of Arabic men arguing with him. I was hoping for something a little more controversial, like about the conflicts in Iran or Iraq.

The only English speaker I could hear, was ranting about Jesus. What's new eh?

So, kinda disappointed by Speakers' Corner, but at least now I can mark it as "done" on my Rondon to-do list.


Sparkles Magoo said...

Why not rant about the evils of waxing and start the 'Pro-Bush' league, or at least the need for equality? It could be the next great feminist movement...

Or are you merely content to wax lyrical (pun most definitely intended) when it comes to the politics of down-there-hair-care?

reenie said...

I have a blog, why do I need to stand at Speakers' Corner? :P At least with a blog, people actually voluntarily read what I have to say.

Besides, do I really want to be 'Pro-fcking-Bush' infront of a whole bunch of Arabs?

Sparkles Magoo said...

Good point.

I stand/sit/squat corrected.