Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Where do I start?

How about the drive to Gatwick airport in a minicab at 4am. I've jumped out of a plane, leapt off a 40m tower, gone diving with sharks, and _never_ feared for my life before. Yet, at 4am on Saturday, I was gripping onto my aunt and muttering, "JESUS CHRIST! F*CK!", every few minutes. I could see the driver's eyes start to shut in the rear view mirror, and I honestly thought he was going to swerve into oncoming traffic a number of times. My aunt had to keep hitting him on the shoulder to wake him up. We eventually got there in one piece. I ended up lecturing the guy and swearing at him for putting my life and my family at risk. Fcker. Gawd.

Rome is diseased. I'm sorry to say, that the more time I spend in it, the more I hate its people. The city itself is beautiful, with lots to see. However, I've been three times, and each time, my experience with Romans just gets worse.

The first time was 6 years ago. My butt got scandalously abused. So much random pinching!

The second time was in 2005. That's when I started to notice that locals in Rome were evil. People are just motivated by greed. In one way, I feel sorry for the Romans as their city is a living tourist attraction. There are tons of annoying tourists everywhere. From morning to dusk. I can see why the locals would be pissed off at having their home invaded in this way. Yet, they've adapted, and figured out that the best revenge that can be taken, is to rip you off in any way possible. Which is how I ended up treating my brother to a gelato cone that cost EU$9, when the average cost is just EU$2! I'll never forget the time a local at the train station offered to help us out (with help we didn't need), then proceeded to boldly ask us for money.

The problem is, when you don't speak the language, it's really hard to argue. Most of the time, you're just shocked at the bill, and you just accept it cause it's easier than causing trouble. Which is how, this time round, we ordered a cafe freddo for EU$3, and ended up with this...

... that cost EU$8.50 each!
This coming from a place that delivers to the Pope himself!

We were taken for a ride a couple of times during this trip, and only realised it too late when we thought about it more later. My Dad was even manhandled by some gypsies. If I never step foot in Rome again, it really wouldn't be a loss for me. It's not just culture that makes a city endearing, it's the people too. Romans, truly suck ass. In a really bad way :P

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