Monday, September 17, 2007

Mai tan!

Me: "Daaad, you can't say that in France! It's L'addision!"
Dad: "Why not? This is a Vietnamese restaurant."
Me: "Yeah, and they speak French and Vietnamese!"

Strangely enough though, the waiter understood and brought us the bill. I suspect it's because my Dad also did the universal hand signal for, "bill please" ;)

Paris with my parents turned out better than I expected :) My Mum would be silly with me, and my Dad... he's the one responsible for my sense of humour *grin* My favourite moments were watching the Aussie vs Wales rugby match infront of Hotel de Ville with my Dad, and making my Mum pose for me in a beret *grin*
My Dad's snap-happiness:

My Mum's favourite French icon:

And check out what someone did to this poor dog!

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