Tuesday, September 25, 2007


To all of you with kids out there, never bicker with your spouse infront of your kid. No matter how old your kid is. It still pains me to see my parents argue. I'm sure there's love, and I'm sure my parents would do anything for each other. I'm sure my Dad's just a grumpy old Chinaman. You can take the Chinaman out of China, but you definitely can't take the China out of Chinaman *sigh*

Or maybe it's just all men who behave like this :P There's definitely an exponential increase in stubborness and willingness to argue about anything as males age :P

It makes me think, gawd, what are my chances of finding someone who shares the same sort of passions and ideals I do? I really don't want to spend my old age sitting next to someone, not talking and watching wildlife documentaries on TV!

The other option is to spend my pension money on toy boy gigolos.

I still stand by my decision not to get married.


Ula said...

Whaaaaat! I though Wilco and I had converted you :-)

reenie said...

Not all of us are lucky enough to find true love with our toy boy gigolos *grin*

Anonymous said...

Wow you really have an overblown sense of Asian insecurity. Maybe you'll get over it once you've gotten through puberty.

reenie said...

See what happens when I trim my bush? :P

Fcker. If you can't be bothered leaving a name, don't bother posting comments.

Gary said...

Doubt I'll ever see this blog again. Just searched for info about my bickering elder parents and was somehow comforted to read your post. Hang in there and I will too. Interesting how we mature and later come back and see the bickering parents in a very different light, but it still hurts very much to see and hear. I'm 45, divorced, and now living with my 78 and 86 year old parents so I can help them remain independent. Helps me too. But WOW, it is hard when they fight and try to involve me. I see why I made a rotten husband. I'm a strong Christian now (after the Divorce), and everything is WAY different. I think I could dissagree with a wife now without acting like I don't love her. Thanks for this place to empathize and vent a little. God Bless You!

Cassie said...

I'll remind you that you said that at your wedding :o)