Sunday, September 02, 2007


I think what I loved most about working for PwC Consulting, was the people I met. It definitely wasn't the work. It definitely wasn't the crap salary. It was the great people. One faithful night in Tampa, I couldn't sleep, so I did the usual - I baked. I baked a looooot of cakes when I was in Tampa. But this one was special. This one was a chocolate mud for Anna's birthday :) This one, won me Daliborus' eternal friendship *lol* Thus began my education on The Man Show, hippos versus elephants and rhinos, the joys of a good booty, and... erm, other stuff that can't be mentioned on my blog *lol*

Over the years, there are only a few left that I still see from the "good ol' days". And if I'm really lucky, I get a visit from one in Rondon :) If I'm REALLY REALLY lucky, I even get not one, but TWO jars of his Mum's homemade apricot jam! :D *drooool* Guess what I had for brekky this morning, Daliborus? ;)

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